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pyokopyoko's Journal

Pyokopyoko ♥ 【 ☆彡 Sushi Rabu ☆彡 】
21 August
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About me ♥
. I'm Grisell from Mexico. Love reading, learning new languages, Japan, ikemen, Tegoshi (my ichiban), talking, fangirling, etc, etc...

.My fandom: NEWS....seriously i just LOVE them!
Especially TegoMass my favorite ones, but also I do love the other ones ^^ .

Currently having and obssesion with Kei-chan :D

Also, I like Aaron from Fahrenheit xD Why? maybe i'm the only one who thinks about this...but he reminds me so much of Massu :P Jiro is <3 as well.

That's all if you want to add me, feel free to do it but remember to have same interests as me


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